Lung Diseases Leading Cause Of Death, Most People Don’t Know

Despite lung disease killing 4 million people every year, the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) revealed alarming data showing that most people are ignorant about lung disease, which kills more people than any other disease worldwide. The data was released to coincide with World Spirometry Day.

Market research agency, YouGov’s study cross four continents demonstrated that regardless of the high prevalence of lung disease, people are far more concerned about cancerheart disease and stroke.

Spriometry is a kind of lung-function (pulmonary function) test. It measures the volume of air taken in and exhaled as a function of time. The patient blows as hard as he/she can into a mouthpiece after taking a deep breath.

Spirometry measures how much air the person can blow out of their lungs (FVC – forced vital capacity), and how much they can blow out in one second (FEV1 – forced expiratory volume).

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